Guest Studio

About the Guest Studio


In the winter of 2015, VKL acquired the rental lease of a studio at Arena Vestfossen. Arena Vestfossen is a studio collective attached to the same building as VKL, and houses artists, an exhibiting space, a Makerspace and Øvre Eiker Arts School. The Guest Studio covers 130 m2 and has an office, a garret, and a work space. The Guest Studio is still a project in development and for a trial period it is being made available to artists, each for a period of five weeks, during the VKL summer season. In 2017 we published on the Internet a series of interviews with our guest artists.



Sparebankstiftelsen DNBs Kunstgave (‘Art Endowment’) 2018–2020

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we can announce that Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium has been awarded the Art Endowment of the Sparebankstiftelsen foundation 2018–2020. The endowment of 4,5 million crowns is spread across three years and is earmarked projects that arise from our Guest Studio programme. It is our aim to invite artists to Vestfossen to develop and exhibit their projects in collaboration with VKL.

The first artists to be invited are Sverre Bjertnes and Bjarne Melgaard. They will be exhibiting a collaborative work from 2017 at the VKL summer exhibition, while at the same time working on a new project for VKL and the Art Endowment that will be presented at a later date.

Further information about the Guest Studio will be posted soon!

NB! In the period 2018–2020, some artists will be invited to the Guest Studio, but there will also be studio periods that are open to all applicants.
Details about how to apply will be posted soon!



More about the Art Endowment of the Sparebankstiftelsen foundation:
‘The Art Endowment is awarded to an art institution for a three-year period for the production of new art, principally by artists living in Norway. The art might, for example, be of a temporary character, for exhibit in a public space, or for inclusion in the institution’s collection. Projects made possible by the endowment are to be exhibited to the public and documented for later reference. The Art Endowment was established in 2011. Its first recipient was Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, while for the period 2015 to 2017 it was awarded to Punkt Ø. Since 2017, all art institutions can apply for the Art Endowment.’


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