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Season opening

This year Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium can welcome its visitors to a fanfare of an exhibition, to new galleries, and to our 10th birthday celebration! 


This year Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium can welcome its visitors to a fanfare of an exhibition, to new galleries, and to a celebration of ten years as a centre for contemporary art in Øvre Eiker Municipality. The Kunstlaboratorium (Art Laboratory) has no longer the appeal of novelty, but neither is it completed, old, or established. We are into our teenage years, and as any other teenager we're not sure where the road ahead is taking us. But this much we know, that the institution conceived in an impulsive act has today grown into an individual personality with its own life, its own will.


Every summer for the last ten years we have presented a large summer show in Vestfos Cellulose's old mill, and 2013 will be no different. With 1986 - 2013 / An Artist Collecting Art we are presenting the collection of artist Morten Viskum, who is also Director of Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium. Viskum has collected art since he was a young man, and his passion for collecting has kept pace alongside his creative development and his work as founder and leader of the Kunstlaboratorium.


As a step in the development of the Kunstlaboratorium we have expanded this year with new exhibition spaces, offices, conference rooms, and an education workshop, all adjoining the present second floor. The new spaces afford us the opportunity to show different types of exhibitions and develop varied educational programmes. This is the first stage of a process that will lead to the Kunstlaboratorium staying open all year round, and thereby fulfilling our long-held ambition of it becoming a fully-fledged art institution. In 2013 the new floor will house the summer exhibition, as well as the show in Galleri Star entitled Jørgen Dobloug: punktum. punktum. komma, strek – å male er en lystig lek(full stop. full stop. comma, stroke – painters love to laugh and joke). Galleri Star is a subsidiary exhibition space to the Kunstlaboratorium, since 2005 used for solo art shows. Until now there has not been room to accommodate Galleri Star in the Kunstlaboratorium building, so it has been located in Arena Vestfossen. Now with our expanded facilities we are all under one roof and it will be a great pleasure to present there this summer works by Jørgen Dobloug (1945 / NO). If all goes to plan we will be inviting our public next year to new exhibition rooms and to all-year activities in the educational workshop and conference facility.