Galleri Star


By the mouth of the River Vestfoss


In this jubilee year, VKL wishes to show its broadest programme ever, and for the first time Galleri Star will be devoted to an exhibition of culturally significant Norwegian glass produced at Nøstetangen Glassworks in Hokksund in the period 1741 to 1777.
Nøstetangen Glassworks holds a special place in the history of Norwegian glass. It was the first professional glass workshop in Norway, and later the first glassworks. For many years, Nøstetangen was the sole producer of fine table glass in Norway. The glassworks were located in Hokksund, which today is in the same municipality as Vestfossen, Øvre Eiker. 
While these works of glass art are of national importance, this is a project firmly rooted in local craftsmanship. 
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The exhibition opens on 6 May. Further information will be available soon.


Photo: @kroghphoto