Exhibition Hall


An exhibition about Eiker as an Iron Age seat of power


Despite spectacular archaeological finds having been made in Øvre Eiker up through the centuries, this is the first time those finds are being exhibited in the municipality in which they were discovered. The Fiskum Axe, The Hoen Hoard, and The Solberg Vase are all examples of archaeological finds that are internationally known and have been exhibited in some of the finest museums abroad. But never here in Øvre Eiker, where they were found. 
The theme of this exhibition is the ancient history of Sem Farm, a farm complex that in the Middle Ages was an aristocratic manor farm and the hub of a region that embraces several of today’s municipalities. New research has disclosed that Sem’s status as a seat of power for a large hinterland stretches back further than Norway’s union with Denmark (1380–1814).
The objects in this exhibition have all been discovered with metal detectors. The exhibition is a collaborative project between Viken County Council, Veien kulturminnepark, and Øvre Eiker Municipality.   


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The exhibition opens on 6 May. Further information will be available soon. 

Photo: Nils Anderssen