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About the Guest Studio

VKL Guest Studio

VKL’s guest studio is made available to professional artists who want to live and work in Vestfossen for a limited time. It is located at Arena Vestfossen, a studio collective in the old factory building that also houses VKL. One of the aims behind the guest studio is to contribute to artistic exchange both locally and internationally.


VKL’s guest studio undergoes continuous development. From 2015 to 2017, during VKL’s opening seasons, it was occupied for five-week periods by a number of artists. In 2017 a series of interviews with the guest artists was made, and these can be read on VKL’s website. In 2018, two artists from Italy and one from Singapore used the studio while developing site-specific works for our main exhibition, Contemporary Chaos, that year. Similarly, the following year four African artists installed themselves in the studio to prepare site-specific works for the 2019-season’s main exhibition: Kubatana.


For the period 2018–2020, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium is pleased to be the recipient of Kunstgaven, a grant awarded by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB (the DNB Savings Bank Foundation). The grant has been used on several projects, among others, to renovate the guest studio, to purchase works of art and to realise collaboration between VKL and artists working on new productions. The results of the collaboration are presented in this year’s main exhibition: Til deg / To You. For this project, artists have been invited to come to Vestfossen and to use the studio while working with their new productions and in connection with the exhibition, thus to become for a time part of the art environment in Vestfossen. Since the project was first postponed due to the pandemic, then moved forward in the schedule by a whole year, several of the artists will be offered studio space in Vestfossen after the exhibition.



Here is what Sparebankstiftelsen itself says about Kunstgaven:
‘Kunstgaven is a grant given to an art institution over a three-year period for the production of contemporary art, preferably by artists living in Norway. The art can have a temporary character, be presented in public space or be added to the institution’s own collection. Projects are to be made accessible to the public and be documented for posterity. Kunstgaven was established in 2011. Its first recipient was Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, while for the period 2015 to 2017 it was awarded to Punkt Ø. Since 2017, all art institutions can apply for the grant.’ (our translation)


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